The Secret to Fresh Breath

Published: September 28, 2016

Bad breath: We’ve all dealt with it. You’ve been around people who have it and, like it or not, you have had it yourself. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but how do you know if you have it? There is actually a simple test you can do to see if you have bad breath. […]

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How do OTC whitening treatments compare to in-office whitening?

Published: September 28, 2016

If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, teeth whitening may be an excellent choice for you. Many patients of Dr. Sarah Jockin and Dr. Nicole Morganti suffer from darkened teeth due to the natural aging process, regular consumption of coffee or tea, or nicotine staining from cigarettes. Some people may have darkened […]

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How to Handle an Unexpected Dental Emergency

Published: September 21, 2016

Regardless of the type of dental emergency you experience, it is important that you visit Lake Park Dental for emergency dental care as soon as possible. A chipped or cracked tooth requires professional attention, as bacteria may gather in these areas, potentially causing infection that could require a root canal. Remember, you may be capable […]

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Does getting a dental implant hurt?

Published: September 14, 2016

Getting a dental implant is a surgical procedure and everyone’s pain tolerance level is different. Therefore, what one person may perceive as pain is only a slight discomfort for another person. The general consensus about pain and dental implants is that the majority of people feel discomfort, not pain. A dental implant is a complex […]

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What was your favorite part of summer?

Published: September 7, 2016

It’s the end of summer, and fall is just around the corner. Soon the temperatures will cool down, the leaves will start to change, and Dr. Sarah Jockin and Dr. Nicole Morganti and our team at Lake Park Dental are sure that you’ll soon be thinking about Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving plans in no time. […]

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Happy Labor Day!

Published: August 31, 2016

Labor Day is upon us, and that means the non-official end to summer. Before the kids head back to school and temperatures start to cool down, this is your last chance to barbeque in the beautiful Tampa, FL community, head to the lake, and wear your favorite pair of white pants. About Labor Day Each […]

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I chipped a tooth. What can I do?

Published: August 24, 2016

You just crunched down on a piece of hard food when you suddenly realize there is something hard still in your mouth. Your nightmare is confirmed when you retrieve a piece of your tooth from your mouth. You chipped your tooth; now what? Obviously, the first thing you need to do is call our Tampa, […]

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Aging and Oral Health

Published: August 17, 2016

As you age, it becomes even more important to take good care of your teeth and dental health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one-fourth of adults age 65 and older have no remaining teeth. What’s more, nearly one-third of older adults have untreated tooth decay. Oral health, regardless of age, […]

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A Variety of Dentures to Meet Your Needs

Published: August 10, 2016

With advancements in prosthetic dentistry, patients are now able to wear dentures that are comfortable, natural looking, and long lasting. There are different options to choose from that will meet your individual needs, whether you have a few teeth missing or have lost all of your teeth. Dr. Sarah Jockin and Dr. Nicole Morganti will […]

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I haven’t been to the dentist in years; what should I expect?

Published: August 3, 2016

Time flies when we are not at the dentist! Before you know it, years may have gone by. Let’s take a moment to explain what takes place when a patient comes back to receive care after an extended period of time. After a while, small dental concerns or issues can grow into an unexpected journey […]

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