Dental Implants

Here at Lake Park Dental we are pleased to offer a variety of small diameter dental implants to our patients. All services are conveniently performed in house by Dr. Jockin, so there is no need for appointments with other providers at a different location.

A small diameter (SDI) and mini (MDI) dental implants look very similar to a screw and are used to securely anchor a replacement tooth or denture in your jawbone. Unlike most conventional wider implants, minis can usually be placed and restored in one visit and used immediately. Generally no cutting of the gum tissue is needed and recovery time is remarkably short. Due to their smaller size, mini and small diameter dental implants usually do not require extensive bone grafting for patients with little or less bone.

Initially, mini dental implants were used as transitional devices but long-term studies have shown that they offer a viable, permanent and highly effective treatment option to replace missing teeth and stabilize loose dentures. They are a minimally invasive option yet share all the benefits of conventional implants: No more gaps in your dentition, no grinding away of healthy tooth structure for bridgework, no more loose or overly extended dentures that cause you to gag and move when you talk and chew. No more denture pastes or creams and with your palate uncovered you can taste your food again.

A special and patented coating is used on the surface of the implant to ensure that your body will accept and integrate it just like it would a real tooth. Your denture will be retrofitted or delivered the same day your mini dental implants are placed and you will enjoy the benefits of your securely anchored prosthesis right away!

Denture Stabilization

Are you suffering from loose dentures? Are you tired of your dentures moving around, causing sore spots? Is your denture covering your entire palate, making it difficult to taste the food you’re eating? Does it cause you to gag? We have great news for you! Here at Lake Park Dental we understand your frustration with loose and bulky dentures that will not cooperate. We are very excited to offer you an alternative that will allow you to ‘snap in’ your dentures so that you can eat and smile with joy and confidence.

In fact, Dr. Jockin can make your dentures so secure you will be able to eat your favorite foods again, including sticky and crunchy things. Due to the enhanced support of the mini dental implants, we are also able to make you a denture that will not cover your palate and its tastebuds any more. It will give our mouth a more natural feel and improve your dining experience. If you are unsatisfied with dentures that look too bulky we will be able to remove excess plastic material due to the enhanced implant support.

Single or Multiple Tooth Replacement

Are you missing a tooth? Has it never grown in or was a root canal treatment unable to save it? Whatever the cause of the gap in your smile, we are here to help you take care of it once and for all! Here at Lake Park Dental we enjoy our work especially when we are able to help patients get their smiles and proper chewing function back on track. That is why we love mini dental implants. This cutting-edge approach to tooth replacement has allowed tens of thousands of people like you nationwide to replace a tooth in one simple and short treatment visit. No need for a temporary crown and a second appointment to replace your tooth. You’ll be enjoying dinner with it that same day.